Peyton Williams

(317) 771-3543 ·


Purdue University

B.S. Computer Science
  • GPA: 3.83 / 4.0
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Semesters Honors and Dean’s List 6/6 semesters
  • Current and Past Courses: Data Structures and Algorithms, Analysis of Algorithms, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering Senior Project, Software Engineering I, Software Testing, Relational Databases, Information Systems, Operating Systems, Systems Programming, Computer Architecture, Data Mining and Machine Learning
August 2018 - December 2021 (Expected)


Bloomberg LP

New York, NY (Remote)
Software Engineering Intern
  • Implemented a generic rate limiting library with C++ and Redis for use in client facing endpoints.
  • Created rate limiting algorithm capable of handling over 30,000 requests per second, per Redis cache with microsecond accuracy.
  • Allowed for enhanced configuration such as support for multiple Redis caches, and per key rate limits.
  • Wrote extensive test cases utilizing Google Test.
  • Utilized proprietary CI/CD pipeline to speed up deployment and testing.
May 2021 - August 2021

Raytheon Technologies

Arlington, VA
Software Engineering Intern
  • Contributed to Parliament, an Open Source “triple store” database for RDF, OWL, and SPARQL.
  • Replaced legacy server code with Spring Boot and updated existing implementation to utilize Spring, which increased productivity and maintainability.
  • Wrote REST APIs using Java with Spring to cover SPARQL endpoint specifications.
  • Improved existing exception handling control flow and error responses to failed queries.
June 2020 - August 2020

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN
Teaching Assistant, CS240
  • Supervise and assist students in understanding problems they face learning the fundamentals of C.
  • Work alongside other teaching assistants to facilitate student learning.
January 2020 - May 2020


Indianapolis, IN
Software Engineering Intern
  • Overhauled and refactored program handling machine learning processes for medical devices with Pandas and NumPy in Python.
  • Interacted with SQL databases for machine learning and associated medical data.
  • Created documentation and analysis of existing code.
  • Collaborated with other team members in a SAFe Agile development Environment.
June 2019 - August 2019


DubbClub (

  • Developed website offering users sports data and predictions. Followed Agile process in team of five.
  • Created REST APIs for user features including registration and login, live updates via SMS and email, and per game predicted winner voting. Built with Express.js, MongoDB, Twilio, and JWTs.
  • Implemented endpoints for the EPL including live game statistics, team statistics and team standings.
January - May 2021


  • Wrote backend for video discussion based social media platform with Express.js and MongoDB.
  • Developed REST APIs for all user account features, per user video feeds via ML derived interests based on user interaction, and video uploading and streaming with Cloudflare Stream.
  • 2nd Overall at Boilermake VIII hackathon, collaborating on a team of 3.
January 2021


  • Contributed to website offering users financial and stock tools. Followed Agile process in team of six.
  • Created REST APIs with Express.js and Node.js, developing features including simulated stock portfolio, safe budget management tools, and fast stock/crypto autocomplete.
  • Built secure user accounts and authentication using Passport.js and MongoDB.
February - May 2020

Adventurous Sloth

  • Wrote backend for website which chooses your travel location based on questionnaire and builds itinerary with real information including flight bookings, hotel bookings, and local attractions.
  • Developed REST APIs using Express.js and Node.js, using external APIs to pull relevant travel data.
  • 3rd Overall at Boilermake VII hackathon, working on a team of 4, out of over 100 original teams.
January 2020

Image To Text Bot

  • Created Python program utilizing OpenCV for text detection and Tesseract for text recognition to transcribe text in images.
  • Automated as a Reddit bot which replies to image posts with transcribed text, hosted on AWS EC2.
December 2019

Rugby Fatigue Prediction

  • Best in Show – Purdue Datafest. Analyzing women’s rugby match fitness data. Collaborated on team of five.
  • Used Python, Pandas, and NumPy to create algorithms for impact detection, high exertion detection, and distance traveled.
April 2019


Technical Skills

  • Languages: Java, C++, C, JavaScript, Python, SQL, Lua
  • Technologies: Express.js, Node.js, Spring, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, AWS(EC2, S3), Azure, Google Cloud, Twilio, Cloudflare Stream, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Linux


  • Conversational level, lived 5 years in Shanghai, China.